About Hard-Anodised Korean Wok

  • 1. Oson Korean Wok uses a high quality special steel which is very firm and durable.
  • 2. Non-coating Teflon, PFOA free and PTFE free.
  • 3. Advance hard-anodized material surface, which can sustain more scratches.
  • 4. The bottom part has double structure which is suitable for induction cooker, infrared cooker, halogen furnace, ceramic cooker, hot plate, and also gas stove.
  • 5. Less oil smoke, eco-friendly and healthy cooking lifestyle.
  • 6. Non-stick wok.
  • 7. High quality steel handle. No screws, therefore will not get loosen easily.
  • 8. Suitable for frying, deep-frying, bake, steam and boil.

Before Using

  • - Wash the wok's surface with clean water.
  • - Pour in some clean water into the wok and start boiling it. Clean it with a cloth until dry.
  • - pour in 3 - 4 tablespoon of cooking oil into the wok.
  • - Wipe the cooking oil over the entire wok's surface.
  • - Leave the wok for overnight, and wash it with dishwasher on the next day.

Important & Safety Notice

  • - To maintain the wok at its' finest quality: bake, roast, steam; preferably two weeks later.
  • - To make sure the food will not stick on the wok: before cooking, turn to the maximum heat, pour in the cooking oil. Once the cooking oil is heated-up, lower down the heat and start cooking.
  • - Do not hit the wok hardly, or using sharp materials to scrap it.
  • - Keep the wok clean before using.
  • - Compatible for any dishwasher and cleaning brushes.
  • - Note: Do not allow the handle touches the fire.

Baking Methods

  • - Make sure the wok is clean.
  • - Before baking, place a piece of aluminum foil on the wok and place the steel pan on it.
  • - After covering up with the cover, make sure the three tiny holes are pasted with a transparent plaster.
  • - Heat the wok for 1 minute, then tune the fire to the lowest. Start placing the ingredients on the steel pan.
  • - Bake the food according to the time needed.
  • - Cleaning: After washing the wok, wipe the whole wok with cooking oil.

Washing Method

Please wash away the smudges and grease after every use to avoid sticking at the food on the next use. Remember to scrub the wok inside and outside, especially when the wok is still hot, as it will be easier to wipe them off. Kindly apply some cooking oil on the wok if you encounter stubborn stains, and then heat the wok up. Scrub with a 3M green scourer, and finally wash it with detergent. Dry it after washing with clean water.