Our special Event : Winner of Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand (Emerging Enterprise) Year 2015-2016.

Develop and produce more quality cookware and kitchenware is our promise.

About Oson Quality Marketing

Oson Quality Marketing was founded in year 2009. Through continuous hard work and development, it has been a successful transition into the rapidly growing quality kitchenware company.

Oson Quality Marketing will continue to develop and produce quality cookware, kitchenware, and innovative kitchen appliances, leading to better service intentions to create a new experience of cooking and a healthy lifestyle.

Oson Quality Marketing wish that, the customers could have enjoyed a wonderful cooking experience with the quality products. Oson Quality Marketing will continue to develop more high-quality products for families throughout the world.

Oson Quality Marketing 始创于2009年。短短几年迅速崛起,阳光人不断积累经验并力求创新,使公司成为销售于现代规范企业。

Oson Quality Marketing 將以品牌提升、客戶導向、服務用心等三大理念為主軸,引进与結合最新資訊與技術,多元化且具健康概念的新家電產品,以更用心的服務領先開創家電用品全新世紀。成為健康家電領域的新指標。

Oson Quality Marketing 秉承让顾客享受生活多一点的宗旨,力求解放顾客繁琐的日常家务,以满足大众对现代生活的需求。主要是为顾客创造更舒适、健康、美满的家庭生活。